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MOFT MS020-1-BK Smart Digital Set-Night Black

Brand: MOFT SKU: 6972243544808

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Adjustable at  25° or within 45°-60°.

Versatile magnetic accessories add-ons

Two embedded NFC tags

Constructed with vegan leather and strong fiberglass.

Compatible Model: All laptops, tablets, & phones.

Note: Apple Watch Holder is sold separately.

Contains: Snap Phone Sticker,Cable Organizer,Magsafe Wireless Charging Pad & Tablet Holder

1. All in One Desk Mat, Stand & Organization Board
2. Scratch & Water-resistant.

1. Built-in NFC Functions
2. Space-saving Design

1. Smart Organizer for Your Everyday Digital Life
2. Work From Your Couch or Bed

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